Fiona Garnett, Assistant Director & Head of Medicines Optimisation (Bedfordshire CCG)

"Bedfordshire CCG practices have been working with Inspira Health to improve outcomes for patients with atrial fibrillation. The work has been well received by our GP practices and patients alike. The case note reviews have been comprehensive and the use of local cardiologists has been a benefit to patients and GP colleagues. The team at Inspira Health are efficient and have not generated significant additional work for the practices.

They have clearly documented actions and follow through on communications. The work across Bedfordshire CCG has been extensive involving 34 GP practices, 12,573 medical records, 912 local cardiology appointments with a 90% attendance rate by patients. The impact has been measurable, improving documentation of AF, appropriate anticoagulation and a reduction in AF related strokes. The team at Inspira Heath have been reliable and efficient, pleasant to work with and amenable to my additional suggestions and have delivered on every aspect they committed to.”