Dr Rob Caudwell GP Partner CCG Chair, Southport & Formby CCG

I found the whole PCAF process to be positive. The pre clinic audits identified a small number of patients who were not correctly coded, enabling us to tidy up our registers. A number of patients were also identified as being sub optimally warfarinised, or not on appropriate anticoagulation (we scored full QOF points in the AF domain last year and felt we were managing AF well, so this was over and above what we already knew as a practice).

The clinic itself was excellent, benefiting the patients who gained a consultant opinion (2 of whom had other cardiology problems sorted out while they were there, saving 2 referrals), and of benefit to myself on an educational and professional development level. I was reassured that all the prescribing was done as per local guidelines on the use of DOACs and anticoagulation, and in fact the whole process only generated 4 DOAC initiations.

Having reflected, particularly following the clinic, my practice has definitely changed, and I feel much more confident and equipped to commence anticoagulation in AF patients where appropriate, and more able to have an informed clinical conversation with them around the risks and benefits.