Inspira Health’s PCAF Service wins anticoagulation award

Inspira Health has won the Anticoagulation Innovation of the Year Award for its Primary Care Atrial Fibrillation (PCAF) Service.

Stroke risk associated with atrial fibrilliation can be significantly reduced by appropriate preventative action. However, NICE estimate that 46% of patients who should be anticoagulated are not. The PCAF service is a pathway that provides expert resources within GP practices with the aim of improving anticoagulation among high-risk patients. To date, 42 GP practices have been enrolled, covering a population of 284,945. A total of 761 patients attending for review had anticoagulation offered, of whom 745 agreed. It is estimated about 30 strokes have been prevented.

Judges commented that "We are highly impressed by this entry; from its clear objectives to its planning, to the way the team showed impact and results. It is a project that is making an effort to leave a legacy in place that supports primary care. The team has developed these education and support tools so future teams can run the programme. It shows a solid project management approach designed to implement a service. This has to be the future of getting a service in primary care. It’s an excellent model that is demonstrating improvements and has shown that it works".

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