Inspira Health and Bedfordshire CCG win prestigious award

Congratulations to Bedfordshire CCG on being awarded the Healthcare Pioneer Award for 2020 following their collaborative work with Inspira Health and the Primary Care Atrial Fibrillation (PCAF) service across the CCG catchment area.

The work undertaken by Bedfordshire CCG with Inspira Health has enabled improvement in care to patients with atrial fibrillation resulting in a reduction in AF-related strokes and a cost saving to the NHS of £470,200 per year.

NHS Cardiologists from local hospitals provided the healthcare to patients at local GP practices across Bedfordshire ensuring care was given close to patients’ homes. GPs, nurses and pharmacists from each GP practice involved were able to participate during patient consultations thus enabling an environment for learning in a specialised area. All services provided were free to the NHS and free to patients.

Inspira Health was founded in the north west of England by NHS Cardiologists and local GPs who recognised a need for bringing expert cardiologist knowledge into GP practices to help improve care being given to patients and to leave a legacy of education/knowledge so GPs can feel confident in prescribing appropriate medications in specialised healthcare. Inspira Health is proud to be able to help the NHS by providing a framework to enable NHS cardiologists and local GP practices to work together for the benefit of patients at no cost to the NHS or to patients.

The full report can be accessed here